Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) Solutions

Set Up, Receive and Send EDI

  • Set up VAN, FTP, SFTP or AS2 connection with your trading partner
  • Conduct connectivity and mapping testing if required by trading partner
  • Design UCC-128 or GS-1 shipping container label if required by trading partner
  • Receive inbound and send outbound EDI documents from and to trading partner
  • Translate inbound EDI documents to format mutually agreed with you
  • Translate outbound documents from your format to EDI and transmit to trading partner
  • Send and receive EDI997 Functional Acknowledgment for every document received or sent
  • Document tracking on web accessible by desktop, laptop, tablet or smart phone

Integration of EDI Data with your System

  • API, File Exchange, Web Service data transfer
  • Conversion from EDI to and from proprietary format
  • Integration with certain popular accounting systems

Advance Ship Notice (ASN) with Shipping Container Labels, Auto-Invoicing

  • EDI 850 PO data prefilled in EDI 856 ASN Web Form for you to complete for Pick-and-Pack
  • EDI 850 PO to auto-generated EDI 856 ASN when packing structure is pre-determined by UPC
  • Downloadable UCC-128 or GS-1 shipping container labels generated
  • EDI 810 Invoice auto-generated when EDI 856 ASN is sent
  • Color coded alert system based on PO ship-date range when provided by buyer
  • Auto-email alert notification options available

Warehouse and Third Party Logistics (3PL) Documents

  • Create EDI 940 Warehouse Shipping Order and transmit to your WH or 3PL
  • Receive EDI 945 Warehouse Shipping Advise from your WH or 3PL
  • Auto-generate EDI 945, pick ticket, packing slip when packing structure is pre-determined by UPC
  • Web-based tracking of shipments on desktop, laptop, tablet or smart phone

Communications Service to/from Trading Partners

  • Value Added Network (VAN)
  • FTP or SFTP
  • AS2
  • Per document, per kilo character or flat monthly rate

Other Custom Services

  • FAX or PDF-to-EDI manual key-enter for manufacturers, hubs and service bureaus
  • Email-to-EDI automated transformation of attached data files
  • System design and programming to meet your specific needs